Quality and sustainability

Van West Koeltechniek bv develops and assembles cooling machines and heat pumps with a small team of professionals in its own production hall in 't Harde. This can be a complete independently functioning system or as part of a larger machine.


Liquid coolers and air coolers
De liquid coolers are mainly used for cooling drinking water, soft drinks and beer. The air coolers are among others for refrigerators, buffets, showcases or waste water sampling.

The products are sold via wholesalers, installers and in some cases directly to the end user in sectors such as the large kitchen industry, machine industry, offshore industry, catering, laboratories, shipping, retail and at almost all Dutch ministries.


Van West Koeltechniek bv is:

- DEKRA certified
- A Kenteq certified learning company
- A NVKL recognized member.
We work in accordance with a quality manual equivalent to ISO9001


For service on location we call on STEK and VCA certified service companies with a professionally equipped service vehicle. These companies are familiar with our coolers and systems. For direct service, Van West Koeltechniek bv has its own service car.